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Bunchful Initiative: Gambia School Project

Help us Rebuild a Small School and Surrounding Village in The Gambia, applying all 17 SDG Principles.

Bunchful Enterprise, in partnership with Bridge of Innovation, is pioneering the Gambia School Project, a groundbreaking initiative we are approaching as a real-world experiment to implement all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This project not only aims to rebuild and enhance educational infrastructure of a small school in a small village in The Gambia, but it also serves as a holistic model for global sustainable development, integrating every aspect of the SDGs from quality education to partnerships for achieving these goals.

Primary Partner

Bridge of Innovation fosters global progress by funding tech startups focused on sustainable solutions.

Additional Partners

Our Vision

Holistic Development

We'll be rebuilding the school to using a sustainable model.

Inclusive Community Engagement

Ensure inclusivity and sustainability is deeply embedded.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaborating across diverse sectors to integrate all 17 SDGs, leveraging unique strengths for comprehensive development.

Partnership Opportunities

Join us in this innovative initiative that transcends traditional development projects. Partners will have a chance to engage deeply with a full spectrum of sustainability goals, supported by Bunchful Atlas technology for tracking and showcasing collaborative impacts. This project is an opportunity to demonstrate how integrated efforts can lead to substantial, multi-dimensional progress.
Together, let’s demonstrate the power of holistic sustainable development in The Gambia and beyond.

Curious about this amazing initiative and would like to get involved?

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