World Summit

The Bunchful Future of Philanthropy World Summit is a key global event that gathers innovators and philanthropists to discuss and shape the future of giving. This summit highlights new technologies and methods impacting philanthropy, fostering discussions on driving progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It serves as a platform to inspire actionable change and enhance the impact of global philanthropic efforts.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs) to transform our world

Welcoming a worldwide audience and perspectives

What to expect

Inspiring speakers

We are delighted to welcome esteemed speakers who have made significant contributions globally, leading at the forefront of philanthropy. Their captivating presentations and innovative approaches will enrich our event with expertise and global perspectives. Equally thrilling is hosting local advocates and philanthropists dedicated to positive change. Together, their influential voices will inspire collaboration and collective action.

Impact investors

Through presentations by impact and philanthropic investors, we will delve into cutting-edge strategies, trends, and solutions, inspiring innovative approaches to global challenges. Our aim is to foster partnerships that can drive positive change and maximize the impact of philanthropic endeavors. Attendees will gain valuable insights, learn from successful case studies, and be inspired to develop innovative approaches to address pressing global challenges.

Panel discussions

Series of engaging panel discussions to explore UN SDGs’ societal impact, fostering diverse viewpoints and inspiring action. Panels feature esteemed individuals from academia, industry, nonprofits, and government. They delve into pressing challenges, examining how the UN SDGs can address them. Thought-provoking questions encourage panelists to share expertise and innovative ideas, promoting insightful conversations and meaningful change.

Emerging tech

Witness an exciting showcase of cutting-edge PhilTech solutions. From innovative fundraising platforms to impact measurement tools, these technologies are revolutionizing philanthropy and reshaping how we tackle social and environmental challenges. Come explore their potential to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of philanthropic endeavors.


With ample networking opportunities to foster meaningful connections and structured sessions and informal gatherings, you can share ideas, collaborate and form valuable partnerships. We aim to create an environment that encourages interaction, knowledge exchange, and the development of mutually beneficial relationships to broaden perspectives, tap into new opportunities, and collectively address challenges. Join us to nurture connections, ignite creativity, and build the foundations for transformative change.

Round table talks

Join our transformative initiative as we strive to turn the UN SDGs into a reality within our lifetime. Through inclusive round table talks and problem-solving sessions, stakeholders from diverse sectors will engage in open dialogue, sharing insights and expertise to overcome challenges. Together, we will identify practical strategies, innovative solutions, and transformative actions, generating actionable plans that inspire a global movement towards a sustainable future for all.

Gift Vendors

As a brand that is all about giving, we will present a unique opportunity to meet a curated group of small gift manufacturers who not only create wonderful products but also give back to their communities.  They will showcase their sustainable initiatives and you will have the chance to explore a dedicated space where they will showcase their products, from handmade crafts to eco-friendly items. Each gift embodies a commitment to social impact and community development. Our goal to shine the spotlight on these vendors who use their business as a way to give back.

After party

Join us for an unforgettable after-party as we conclude our summit event. This exclusive gathering promises an evening of celebration, connection, and inspiration, providing the perfect opportunity to unwind and reflect on the accomplishments of the summit. Engage with summit participants, including speakers, panelists, experts, and passionate individuals dedicated to driving change, while mingling, forging new connections, and engaging in meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals who share a common vision of a sustainable future.

Programming Agenda For Summit & Awards

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