Founder | CEO, OPTAS

Serial entrepreneur Meghna Lakhani is the Founder and CEO of sustainability related start-ups. After 12 years of corporate leadership roles around the globe and obtaining further education (including Executive MBA degree from IE university, Social Entrepreneurship Diploma from Oxford University and Corporate Sustainability Diploma from Bocconi University) she decided to embark on her path towards social entrepreneurship.

Meghna is from Spain, she grew up in UK and worked in various countries before moving to the United Arab Emirates in 2012. She realized the need of bringing environmental awareness to consumers by replacing the use of single use plastic with other sustainable eco-friendly alternatives and thus One Modern World was founded in 2019.

After the success of OMW, Meghna has recently launched the first sustainable city guide app in the UAE. “OPTAS” is a unique community driven eco-system connecting eco-councious consumers with responsible business, who choose to take action to protect the planet and for a better tomorrow.


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