New York, NY – August 16, 2021 – Bunchful Technologies, the social enterprise company for good, whose mission statement is to shine the spotlight on giving, is pleased to announce its support for IRC on World Humanitarian Day, August 19, 2021.

Bunchful’s founder, Raquel Miller, stated: “As we watch the desperately sad humanitarian crises unfold in Afghanistan and in Haiti, following the earthquake, we are supporting our charity partner IRC with a donation of at least USD $100,000, via Bunchful’s fundraising efforts. This is so important as they play an instrumental role on the ground, helping and supporting the world’s most desperate, right now in real time, on the back of the ongoing Covid pandemic”.

Bunchful’s goal is to be a leader in giving, where it is needed most, and the organization has set up a fundraising link for direct donations to IRC, in support of  Bunchful’starget, to support IRC’s current efforts:

Beyond this immediate effort, Bunchful is collaborating with IRC for it upcoming new initiative to recognize giving at all levels. Through BeBunchful, its social responsibility platform, Nominations are now open for The Bunchful Awards, which will take place onNovember 16 and 17, 2021. The theme of the first awards ceremony is to celebrate Covid giving efforts at all levels, and this inaugural event, over two days, will feature a range of exciting speakers, seminars and exhibitions in the philanthropy sector, with The Bunchful Awards as the grand closing. The awards event will be held virtually, giving a chance to spotlight and reach a large audience of contributors and nominees across the globe.

“It is my belief that this event can be a great motivation to others,” expresses Raquel Miller, founder of Bunchful “and we hope the event will grow to become one that everybody would soon want to pencil into their calendar, continuing to spread the message that generosity and kindness are among the most important attributes for a thriving and stable society and for replenishing our very soul.”

The Bunchful Awards will celebrate and acknowledge those who have generously and significantly contributed on all levels during the coronavirus pandemic. There are “9 Categories to Celebrate Giving” listed for nominations. The Bunchful ZHAG Award, in honor and memory of Zayed Hakim, will recognize outstanding acts of generosity given throughout the pandemic. The Rising Star Award will be presented to any person at any age that has contributed in three or more ways of the categories of innovation, sustenance, vitality, wisdom, and inclusivity. The nine different awards are aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). For information on all awards and to nominate an outstanding person or business for a Bunchful Award, please go to the Be Bunchful website at and fill out the form at the prompt on the page.

In choosing the International Rescue Committee (IRC) as its charitable beneficiary for 2021, a Bunchful spokesperson noted the work that the IRC does globally in over 40 countries with communities that are vulnerable and lack in support needed to recover from crises. The IRC’s goal is to be able to respond to emergency situations within 72 hours of reporting. Full details of this year’s Bunchful Awards beneficiary can be found at

Current sponsors for The Buncful organization include AmazonWeb Services, Microsoft, IBM, and Comcast NBC Universal. Sponsorship packages and categories for The Bunchful Awards can be found on the Call for Sponsors section of the Bunchful website, for our corporate partners. Interested potential sponsors or individuals wishing to support the IRC may also do so at: